Motorcycle Accidents: What To Do If You’re In One In Atlanta

We all have associations that come to mind when we think of being on a motorcycle.

Freedom. Adventure. Excitement.


Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling escape from the standard car or truck. However, motorcycles come with inherent risks for the driver or passenger.

You aren’t protected by a ton of metal and plastic. All you have are the clothes on your body and your helmet.

This is why getting in a wreck while on a motorcycle in Atlanta can be a harrowing experience. Most of the time an accident with a motorcycle ends up with a trip to the hospital.

If you’re a motorcycle owner (or considering getting one!), read on to find out the steps you need to take if you’re in an accident on your motorcycle.

“Look Twice, Save a Life”

There are some who complain about the volume motorcycles can get to when they’re on the road. But the sound does more to protect the rider than you can imagine.


Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents happen because people simply aren’t paying attention.

Between texting while driving, fiddling with a GPS, or just plain daydreaming and operating on “auto-pilot”, distracted driving is a top cause of accidents on our roadways.

Bikers are often thought to be high-risk drivers, but that’s unfair. They’re always looking out for car drivers, but car drivers who casually forget to check their blind spots can cause an accident in a heartbeat.

And like we said, an accident with a motorcycle can prove to be catastrophic.

Even the most trivial of injuries on a motorcycle get magnified.

In a small car wreck, maybe you get some burn from the airbag deploying. In a motorcycle, that same small accident can result in road rash, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or death.

It’s a startling statistic, but over half of the 1,350,000 people who pass away due to car accidents are in a category called “vulnerable road users.” Those users include pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.


Here in America, motorcyclists only make up about 5 percent of the vehicles on the road, but motorcycle accidents occur at a rate 28 times higher than car accidents.

The slogan isn’t kidding when it tells you, “Look Twice, Save a Life.” Whether you’re driving a motorcycle or not, make sure you’re paying attention to the vehicles around you.


How To Protect Yourself While On A Motorcycle In Georgia

Car and truck drivers count on their vehicles to keep them safe. Motorcycle drivers don’t have that luxury.

In order to be proactive, here are five steps you can take to protect yourself while driving a motorcycle through the streets of Dunwoody, Roswell, or Atlanta.

Step 1: Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

If you’re just starting out, a motorcycle safety course will educate you in the rules of the road for staying safe and avoiding emergencies. Even experience drivers can pick up a tip or two by attending one!

Step 2: Always Inspect Your Bike

A mirror out of place or a low tire could make a huge difference in a moment of high stress. Take a few minutes before operating to make sure everything is in good working order.

Step 3: Check For Inclement Weather

Motorcycles don’t have the same amount of traction that cars or trucks do, since they only have two wheels. This can make a big difference in rain or snow. If it looks like the weather is due for a turn, maybe look into alternate travel plans.

Step 4: Wear Proper Safety Gear

The only thing between you and the road is what you’ve got on that day, so make sure it’s up to snuff. These aren’t style choices; they’re safety choices. Consider boots that cover your ankles, a pair of non-stick gloves, a leather or synthetic protective jacket, and a full helmet.

Step 5: Always Follow Traffic Laws

Being on a motorcycle means being constantly aware. Be sure you’re delivering the appropriate turn signals, observing speed limits, and staying within lanes.

Following these steps, you can ride with a sense safety, knowing you’ve prepared yourself for unforeseen possibilities. However, no matter how prepared we are, a motorcycle accident can still happen.


What To Do After You’re In A Motorcycle Accident

Being in any wreck can be totally disorienting, but the stakes are raised in a motorcycle accident. When you’ve been hit while on your motorcycle, try to do the following things.

Immediately Seek Medical Attention

As we’ve mentioned here, the chances of a motorcycle accident being severe are high. If you’re conscious and able to do the following steps, that’s a huge bullet dodged.

Even still, don’t take for granted that you’re alright and just “walk it off.” Injuries can show up hours, days, or weeks after the fact. Your body is pumped full of adrenaline and it’s probable compensating for any harm you’ve experienced.

Make sure you get tended to as soon as possible, either by your primary care doctor or during a trip to the emergency room. Your health is much more important than your bike.

Move To A Safe Location

You don’t get to stay protected in your car while traffic zips around you. Other cars have overlooked you before and they will again.

Try to move your motorcycle and yourself off the road to a safe locale. If that’s not possible, put out a reflector kit or road flares. If you’re lucky enough to get through this accident without serious injuries, don’t end up with one because you couldn’t move off the road.

Gather Evidence

If this wreck wasn’t your fault, you’re going to want plenty of information to back you up against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Make sure you take photos of your motorcycle and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Take note if there is debris in the road or skid marks left from screeching tires. Some photos of the road quality might help too, if you think weather was a factor.

Don’t just look at the immediate area, though. There may be opportunities around to affirm what happened.

Whether it’s a witness who may be willing to give their account to the police or a security camera on the door of a local business, you’ll need to keep your eyes open to make sure you’re prepared to deal with what comes after the wreck.

Exchange Contact Information

You’ll need to get the insurance information of the person driving the other vehicle, along with their contact information and driver’s license number. If you can get a picture of their license plate, that could provide beneficial in the future.

At this point, you (or someone else) will need to make sure the proper authorities have been contacted. While waiting, do not discuss the accident and do not admit fault. Don’t give anyone a reason to take money out of your pocket.

In The Following Days…

After you’ve walked away from the wreck, your work doesn’t stop. Keep documenting your injuries, keep records of your symptoms and any treatments you receive for them, and track the days you have to miss from work.

These things will all come in handy when you reach out to a personal injury lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Contacting The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

You’ll need to contact your insurance company, which should be easy. A bit more stressful is getting hold of the other driver’s insurance company. They’ll be looking to discredit you if you give them the opportunity.

Luckily, we’ve produced a series of posts detailing reaching out to some of the largest insurance companies in America.

If you have specific questions about filing with other insurance companies, you can always reach out to your qualified personal injury attorney in Dunwoody.


Why You May Need A Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

No matter your situation, the insurance for the other driver will be trying to get you to take the lowest possible settlement. That’s how these billion-dollar companies keep their profits sky-high.

Retaining the services of a personal injury lawyer that has experience with motorcycle accidents can mean the difference between getting back on your feet or being saddled with thousands of dollars of debt.

A qualified Dunwoody area personal injury attorney can follow up with witnesses or get police reports, even file for you if you’re still recuperating.

They’ve got the expertise necessary to negotiate with insurance adjusters and be aware of the dirty tricks they’ll try and pull.

If they need to go to court on your behalf, they’ll gather the evidence to put in front of a jury, making sure to find experts that can clarify your case, if need be.

The question isn’t, “Can I afford a lawyer for my Dunwoody area motorcycle injury case?” It’s can you afford not to?

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