Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Big Box Lawyer in Dunwoody

We’ve all been in situations we wish we could get out of.

Whether it’s a job that isn’t working out, a relationship that has run its course, or a business agreement that needs updating, sometimes you need to move on from a deal that isn’t serving you.

And that goes double for an attorney – client relationship.

A client comes to a personal injury attorney because they need help with a problem that is too large to be dealt with alone.

A client is coming to a lawyer because they’re at the end of their rope. People rarely decide to go to retain an attorney on a whim. They’ve exhausted all their normal avenues and have to do something out of the ordinary.

A client comes to a personal injury attorney because they need help with a problem that is too large to be dealt with alone.

They’re asking for help.

Unfortunately, some big box lawyers don’t take that into account. They’re only focused on numbers, not the people behind the cases.

Which is why, when your lawyer isn’t helping you, you can (and should!) fire them and find a new attorney you trust to have your back.
For instance, if you’ve been in a car wreck, you need a lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents, has the experience to see past the insurance company’s dirty tricks, and cares about you as a human.

Today, we’ll be talking about the experience a Dunwoody area man had recently after he decided the big box lawyers weren’t for him.

A Typical Story

 Today, we’ll be talking to “Kevin.” Kevin is a waiter at a local Dunwoody restaurant.

“Anyone who has worked in food service knows that you’re on your feet all day. It can be an exhausting way to make a living.”

He was on his way to work one day, slowly making his way through the typical stop and go traffic. Unfortunately, the person behind him wasn’t paying attention.

“Oh, they rammed right into me. It couldn’t have been more clear cut.”

 In the moment, Kevin thought he was fine, but by the time he got to work, he knew something was wrong.

“I didn’t even end up going in. I was having these shooting pains in my leg and thought it made sense to get checked out, just in case. Whatever the situation, I knew I couldn’t be on my feet at work that day.”

A Typical Lawyer?

Kevin went to the ER. His doctor told him he’d likely need physical therapy. His mother was in a similar accident a couple of years ago, so he didn’t waste any time.

“I knew I needed a lawyer. My mom got the run-around from the other driver’s insurance company and watching what she went through made me reach out to someone as soon as possible.”

But how do you even find a lawyer?

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a friend who can recommend one, but most people only have to retain an attorney once or twice in their lives. Kevin turned to the only source he had.

“I watch a lot of YouTube and (Big Box Lawyer’s) commercials were always coming on. He’d talk about his clients and what they were taking home. I sort of figured that if he had the money for all these commercials, he probably had a good track record.” 

Kevin placed one call and made an appointment with the Big Box Lawyer, thinking his concerns were about to be over.

A (Sadly) Typical Experience

Kevin never met the lawyer he saw in the commercials.

Kevin never met the lawyer he saw in the commercials.

Not once. I’m not even sure he was there. He’s got a lot of locations in Georgia so who knows?”

He was immediately placed with a case manager, who took his statement and said they’d contact him soon. There were a few pieces of communication between Kevin and the attorneys he was working with, but not much.
“It felt like it was moving slowly, but it was moving. They advised me to start going to physical therapy, which I did.”

And then something happened that threw Kevin’s life into upheaval.

The Insurance Company’s Dirty Tricks

Kevin does his mom’s lawn every other Saturday, Spring through Fall.

“It’s nice! I put in my headphones and play some music. It’s kinda meditative.”

It’s not a huge inconvenience. He uses a riding mower and weedeater. He rarely needs to get down on his hands and knees. It’s just something small to help out his mom.

So imagine his surprise when he was CC’d in an email with photos of him doing yard work.

The insurance company he was in the process of suing hired a private investigator to follow him around and sent these photos along to the big box attorney who was representing Kevin.

“I was really upset. This is basic stuff – I wasn’t ever on my feet for more than twenty minutes, but they made me doing yard work look like I was trying to put something over on someone.”

 Kevin reached out to the Big Box Lawyer to discuss strategies for how to overcome this bump in the road.

He never heard back from them.

Big Box lawyer dropped me like a hot rock.

“They dropped me like a hot rock.”

Dunwoody Personal Injury Attorney Nick Martin: Anything But Typical

Kevin didn’t know what to do. In fact, he wasn’t even sure what the process was for hiring a new attorney after speaking with one already.

He did some Googling and liked the reviews that kept coming up for Nick Martin.

“I called to make an appointment and ended up talking to him that day. I don’t know if that’s typical, but it felt like he dove right in.” 

Kevin laid all the facts out for Nick – the wreck, the injury, his bad experience with the big box lawyer, even the photos from the private investigator. Nick wasn’t deterred.

Nick Martin saw me as a person, not just a paycheck

“Nick saw me as a person, not just a paycheck. I could tell immediately this was a whole different situation than what I was getting from (Big Box Attorney.)”

With all the information in place, Nick got to work.

He obtained doctor’s and police records. He kept Kevin in the loop the whole time, answering all his calls and emails.

Kevin finally had an advocate.

“He really went after them, which was exactly what I was looking for after they sent those photos. I wanted someone willing to fight for me.”

 Nick Martin does just that.

A Happy End For Kevin

With Nick Martin on the case, Kevin was able to relax

With Nick Martin on the case, Kevin was able to relax. After a few months of physical therapy, he was starting to feel normal and, after six months, he felt even better.

“I got the settlement within six months. The check they sent me was enough to cover the repairs, my physical therapy, and money for missed job time. I was satisfied.”

Looking back, Kevin feels like all the warning signs were there.

“I knew things weren’t right with (Big Box Lawyer) after that first meeting, but I didn’t know what else I could do. I didn’t realize I could fire my lawyer and move on to one that actually cared.”

A Dunwoody Based Attorney That Puts You First

Some personal injury attorneys are looking for a quick buck and, if anything proves to be a speedbump, they’re on to the next thing.

Not Dunwoody attorney Nick Martin.

He’s here to put you first and make sure you get the representation you deserve.

Kevin couldn’t have been in a worst situation, but he had Nick to turn to when he was at his lowest.

“It couldn’t have worked out better. I would recommend Nick Martin to anyone.”

“It couldn’t have worked out better. I would recommend Nick Martin to anyone.”

If you’ve been in a wreck, we’re here for you. If you’ve already been in communication with a lawyer, but feel like it isn’t a good fit, we’re here for you.

You deserve help from the very best. Contact The Law Office of Nicholas P. Martin today and get Dunwoody’s best car accident attorney on your case.

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