3 Ways Working with a Car Accident Attorney Can Help Your Case

Dealing with car insurance companies after an accident is already complicated enough. So, when you add your health insurance into the mix, things can get overwhelming, fast.

That’s the position that Mallory* found herself in when she was rear-ended and left with shoulder, neck and back injuries. She was facing pressure from the car insurance company to settle her case, and she didn’t realize she’d have to repay her health insurance carrier for the medical bills they’d covered.

Fortunately, Mallory recognized that she was in over her head and reached out to the Law Offices of Nicholas P. Martin for help. He was able to work with both insurance companies to make sure Mallory’s medical bills were paid and she was fully compensated for her injuries.

How Does Health Insurance Work After a Car Accident Injury?

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, getting better should be your top priority. And in many cases, seeking medical care right away is the best way to receive documentation of your injuries so that you can get fairly compensated for them by insurance.

Seeking medical care right away is the best way to receive documentation of your injuries

But did you know that you’ll most likely have to pay back your health insurance company if you use private health insurance to cover your accident injury treatment?

If a car insurance company provides you with money for those injuries, you’ll usually need to repay the health insurance company for any coverage they provided.

This can add more paperwork, more phone calls and more stress to an already complicated process. And in some cases, it can even limit your ability to get the medical care you need.

This is why it’s so important to find a Dunwoody automobile accident attorney who’s committed to helping you with every aspect of the post-accident process. Because Nick took the time to meet with Mallory and understand the details of her situation, he recognized that she’d need to pay back her health insurance provider.

Nick was then able to handle the details so Mallory could focus on healing her injuries.

How to Find the Right Car Accident Attorney in Dunwoody

Find a lawyer who has the time to work on your case, and the willingness to communicate with you directly

When looking for a lawyer after a car accident, make sure to find someone who has the time to work on your case, and the willingness to communicate with you directly.

With many of the big box law firms that you’ll see advertised on TV, paralegals do most of the work. You’ll often never get to talk directly with the attorney who’s managing your case. This may make the legal process much more stressful for you because you won’t always know the status of your claims.

Nick Martin, on the other hand, works directly on every single case he takes on. You’ll meet with him directly and can even call if you have questions or concerns. Imagine how much more peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that your case is in capable, caring hands.

And by taking the time to work closely with you and understand the ins and outs of your situation, Nick is often able to catch potential issues or opportunities that others might miss.

How a Dunwoody Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

If you’ve been in a car accident and aren’t sure if you should hire a lawyer, it’s always useful to reach out. Nick Martin offers free consultations for potential new clients, and you can use that time to better understand how working with him can help your case.

Here are three valuable ways that Nick was able to help Mallory after her accident (and how he may be able to help you, too):

  1. Dealing with Difficult Insurance Companies

Insurance companies know that their claims processes are frustrating; they make it that way on purpose to try to avoid paying you what you deserve. But don’t let that frustration tempt you into accepting the first offer they give you.

When Mallory came to Nick with her accident case, she was feeling pressured to settle with insurance but wasn’t sure if the offer was fair. This is a common fear after car accidents, especially when insurance presents their first offer.

Maybe you don’t yet know the extent of your injuries and need more money to pay your medical bills. Maybe insurance is lowballing you, and you could get a higher payout with some negotiation. Or maybe you don’t know that you can collect compensation for things like pain and suffering, lost wages, and vehicle rental costs.

A great Dunwoody car accident attorney will know how much cases like yours typically settle for, and they’ll know how to negotiate with insurance to make sure you get what you deserve. It’s extremely difficult to deal with all that pressure and stress on your own, so don’t be afraid to bring in the experts.

  1. Negotiating Medical Expenses

Did you know that you can negotiate your medical expenses?

Did you know that you can negotiate your medical expenses? Maybe you’re being overcharged with line items that don’t match the care you received. Or maybe insurance is unwilling to cover something they should.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, Nick Martin can help you deal with the healthcare aspects of your case, as well as the car insurance companies.

In Mallory’s situation, Nick successfully negotiated her medical expenses, reducing the amount she owed after receiving her payout from the other driver’s car insurance.

  1. Ensuring that Everyone Gets Paid (Including You)

Once you’ve received your payment from insurance, you may think your case is over. But that’s not always the case. If you’ve used health insurance to cover your medical bills, you’ll likely need to pay them back with the compensation you received.

Your Dunwoody accident attorney can help guide you through the entire claims process

Your Dunwoody accident attorney can help guide you through the entire claims process, and then make sure all your bills get paid correctly.

Mallory’s Results: The Coverage She Needed and the Compensation She Deserved

If Mallory hadn’t hired an attorney, she may have been in for an unwelcome surprise when it was time to pay back her health insurance company.

But because she chose to work with Nick Martin, Mallory experienced better results and greater peace of mind.

Nick guided her through the entire accident process, dealt with the other driver’s insurance company, negotiated her medical expenses, and made sure her health insurance company was repaid. Once all that was done, there was still some well-deserved money left over for Mallory.

Choose a Local Attorney Who’s There to Support You

If you’re dealing with post-accident injuries like Mallory was, you shouldn’t have to wonder if your attorney has your best interests at heart. When you work with Nick Martin, you can trust that every detail of your case will be taken care of, and that you’ll receive the transparency and clear communication you need to feel comfortable and confident.

Leave the negotiations and paperwork to an expert so you can focus on getting better.

And if you’re unhappy with the level of service your current attorney is providing you, you may be able to fire your lawyer and hire a new one, without taking on additional fees.

Whatever your situation, the Law Office of Nicholas P. Martin is here for you. Call 770-450-6155 to get in touch, or fill out our form to schedule a free consultation.

*Client’s name changed for privacy

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