Can You Fire Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Everything You Need to Know About Firing Your Attorney and Hiring a New One

When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your lawyer is doing their job. But unfortunately, not all attorneys are equally dedicated to serving their clients.

If you feel that your attorney isn’t meeting your needs — maybe they’re taking too long to call you back, or maybe they don’t seem to be listening to your preferences around case strategy — we want you to know that you have options!

In many motorcycle accident cases, you can fire your attorney and get access to your complete file without having to pay any fines or fees. So, if you’re wondering if you should look for a new motorcycle accident lawyer, here are a few things to consider.

Understanding the Lawyer-Client Relationship

Your lawyer should be so much more than the person who reviews your settlement offer or shows up to fight for you in court.

Understanding the Lawyer-Client Relationship

A great accident attorney should make themselves available to you if you have questions, and they should guide you through the entire process of filing a claim and dealing with insurance companies. Their services may include:

  • Answering any and all questions about Georgia insurance, timelines, and expectations
  • Consulting with you about your preferred case strategy
  • Instructing you about the information and documents you need to gather, and helping you keep them organized
  • Negotiating with insurance on your behalf

Don’t just settle for an attorney who’s doing the bare minimum! There are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Georgia who are ready and willing to advocate for you throughout the entirety of your case.

4 Reasons to Consider Firing Your Motorcycle Attorney

4 Reasons to Consider Firing Your Motorcycle Attorney

If you’re feeling anything less than completely confident that your attorney has your motorcycle accident case under control, it might be time to consider firing them. Here are a few red flags that may suggest your lawyer isn’t meeting the standard you deserve:

  1. Poor Communication and Responsiveness

If you’re waiting more than 48 hours to hear back every time you call your lawyer, they may be too busy to give your case the care and attention it deserves.

At some law firms you won’t even get to speak directly to your attorney, and you’ll instead have to go to a paralegal with all your questions. This is a major red flag.

  1. Lack of Competence or Expertise with Motorcycle Accidents

Every attorney has their specialties and other areas they’re less experienced with.

And that’s OK!

Don’t assume that someone is equipped to handle your motorcycle case just because they have a great ad on TV or have worked with someone you know.

Look for an attorney who has a successful track record with cases like yours.

  1. Misalignment on Case Strategy

Has your lawyer taken the time to sit down with you and discuss your preferred case strategy?

Every individual has different comfort levels with litigation and other legal avenues, so if they haven’t taken the time to talk about your goals and needs, they’re not doing their job.

You should feel confident that your attorney is representing you and your interests. If you don’t, it’s probably time to make a change.

  1. Ethical Concerns and Conflicts of Interest

 If you have any concerns at all that your attorney is acting unethically or that they have a conflict of interest that might prevent them from representing your best interests, don’t ignore those feelings!

Talk to your lawyer about any questions or concerns you have, and if they can’t answer your questions satisfactorily, start looking for a new attorney who can.

A Step-by-Step Process for Firing Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

A Step-by-Step Process for Firing Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

So, you’ve decided to fire your attorney: Now what?

In personal injury cases, you don’t have to pay anything extra to fire your first lawyer and hire a second one, as long as the driver’s insurance company has not made you an offer yet.

If an offer has been made, your options become a little more limited, so consider consulting a second attorney to figure out the best options available to you.

If you decide to fire your lawyer, start by sending them an email that:

  1. Tells them you’re terminating their services
  2. Shares a specific reason why you want to terminate the services
  3. Asks the attorney to notify you when you can come and pick up your file

Make sure to follow up with the office the next day to confirm that your letter was received, and don’t forget to request your complete case file. Under most contracts, the attorney will be required to give this to you.

If you’re in the process of filing an insurance claim, you’ll also want to notify the insurance company that your former lawyer is no longer representing you.

Find a Dunwoody Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

If you’ve had a bad experience with an attorney, know that there are still plenty of other professionals who will give you and your case the care and attention you deserve.

Start by searching for motorcycle accident attorneys in your area, and then look at online reviews to get a better idea of the level of service they provide.

And don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! You can learn a lot about an attorney’s personality and level of commitment to your case by having an initial consultation. They may even be able to advise you about how to proceed with firing your current attorney.

Find a Dunwoody Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

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