Should You Hire an Attorney After an Accident?

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected After a Georgia Car Accident

Even the most minor fender bender can create an extremely stressful situation. And when you add injuries, expensive car repairs, and even trauma into the mix, car accidents can take a serious emotional toll on you.

You don't have to do everything on your own

Fortunately, if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you don’t have to do everything on your own.

An experienced car accident attorney can serve as your guide through the entire process of filing an insurance claim, dealing with adjusters, negotiating, and even pursuing litigation if necessary.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Whether or not you decide to hire a lawyer, there are certain things you should always make sure to do immediately after a car accident.

The law requires drivers to report any accident resulting in injury or at least 500 dollars damage

Once you’ve made sure that you and the other people involved are physically safe, make sure to call the police. In Georgia, the law requires drivers to report any accident resulting in an injury or at least $500 worth of damage. Plus, the police report will include a clear document of any damages and the events that led to them, which is useful for filing an insurance claim.

Other helpful information to gather includes:

Anytime you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to gather as much information at the scene as possible. This will make it easier for you (and your attorney if you choose to hire one) to file a strong claim with insurance.

  • Any road or weather conditions that may have played a role in the accident
  • Any information you can gather from witnesses
  • Photos of any damages to your car or the other vehicles involved
  • The contact information of everyone involved in the accident
  • The exact site of the accident
  • The insurance information of the other drivers involved
  • Your recollection of what happened

But remember, this information is for you and your attorney if you decide to hire one. You should not automatically share all information with the insurance company, because they’ll look for any possible reason to deny your claim.

Even if you’re not sure that you’re injured, you should visit an urgent care or primary care doctor as soon as possible. Seemingly minor symptoms like muscle soreness or a headache could be linked to serious health problems like a concussion or whiplash. And the sooner you can have those injuries documented by a medical professional, the more likely you’ll be to get the compensation you deserve.

When Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Many people will wait to hire an attorney until their insurance claim gets denied or they’re offered less money than they expected. And while a lawyer may still be able to help you at that stage of the process, you’ll have a far better chance of success if you work with an attorney from the start.

A great car accident attorney can support you from the very first moment of filing a claim with insurance

A great car accident attorney doesn’t just help you when you need to pursue litigation, they can support you from the very first moment of filing a claim with insurance. And the sooner you bring them in, the better they can advise you (and the more familiar they’ll be with the details of your case).

6 Reasons You Should Get a Lawyer After Your Car Accident

Here are six ways a Dunwoody lawyer can help you after a car accident that you might not initially think of.

  1. To Help You Stay Organized

Medical bills, notes from the scene of the accident, care repair bills, and communication with insurance companies can pile up fast. And sometimes you’ll need to present those records to insurance (or to a judge) to support your claim. An attorney can help you make sure you have all the documentation you need, so you don’t have to stress about staying organized.

  1. To File Your Claim for You if Needed

If you’re injured or even just too overwhelmed to deal with insurance companies, your lawyer can file your insurance claim on your behalf. That way, you can focus on the most important thing: getting better.

  1. To Prepare You for Talking to Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are professionals at finding reasons to deny an insurance claim. Sometimes, you can unknowingly give them information that hurts your claim, even if an accident was not your fault. An attorney can help you practice your answers before you talk to these adjusters. Plus, you can always tell them you need to consult with your lawyer if you don’t know how to answer a question.

  1. To Help You Determine How Much Compensation You Deserve

How do you know if an offer from an insurance company is fair or not? Damages for things like pain and suffering, lost wages, and ongoing medical expenses can be difficult to quantify. A lawyer can help you make sure you’re not settling for less than you deserve.  

  1. To Negotiate on Your Behalf

Did you know that you can negotiate with an insurance company for a higher amount of damages? Attorneys are trained in the art of negotiation, and they can step in to make a deal on your behalf.

Attorneys are trained in the art of negotiation

  1. To Advocate for You in Court if Needed

Ideally, you’ll be able to negotiate a settlement without needing to go to court. But if litigation is necessary, you’ll want to have a great car accident attorney on your side.

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